Our Truck Caps

We have over 700 used truck caps in stock. We don't have our inventory online so please contact our business number at 717-755-3841, we'll let you know what we have in stock.


We have hundreds of used caps in stock giving you a wide range to choose from.

Installation is easy and takes around 25-35 minutes.

All of our caps have the installation included in the price.

We offer weather stripping for an additional $15


We can also wire up the third break light for an additional $75.


Here's a Link to Jeraco's Website for New caps

There you can find details on the new truck caps we can order and the different accessories and styles available.

truck cap goof

The Basics

Truck caps come in different sizes and there are many different manufactures.



Mid Rise

High Rise/Wedge


Truck cap comparison
Truck cap comparison
Truck cap comparison
Truck cap comparison

The height of a truck cap all depends on the type of truck you have.


Every fiberglass cap is truck specific.


But the difference between the three different sizes of truck caps most always remains the same.

The sizes go from Cab-Hi, to Mid Rise, and then High Rise or  Wedge.


The size difference is based off of the Cab-Hi cap.


Mid Rise is around 4 inches taller than Cab-Hi.


And High Rise is around 6 to 8 inches taller than Cab-Hi.