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Get a Durable Toolbox for Your Truck at Our York Location

Every trade requires specialized equipment to get the job done, and oftentimes these tools come with a significant cost. Most cabins don’t have room for storage, and keeping valuables in the bed area isn’t necessarily safe or secure. M & M Inc. has a selection of truck toolboxes to fit different size pickup truck beds and orientations. If you’re looking to enclose your pickup’s entire bed, we also have truck shells (link to Truck Beds) for sale at our York lot.

How They Benefit You

Organization – When you get to the job site, unloading materials and equipment is one of the first things you do. If you have a helper along, it’s a lot easier to tell them exactly where your tools are rather than have him or her fumble around in hopes of finding it.

Security – Locked truck bed toolboxes deter most burglary attempts. From the outside, there’s nothing to see, and the trouble of trying to open a heavy-duty storage container generally isn’t worth the robber’s time or risk.

Protection from the elements – The better your storage, the less likely you’ll have to purchase new tools again. Keeping things dry prevents rust and electrical problems with power tools.

Image – If you’re an estimator or independent contractor, you know how important a good first impression is. A client may need to come to your truck to look at samples or to talk to you away from the noise being made by other contractors. A professional craftsman knows that a positive image can make the difference between getting the job or the client hiring someone else.

Tools in a Box

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Have an idea for the size and style of toolbox you want to buy? Give us a call or stop by our York lot. You can reach us at 717-755-3841.

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