When you travel away from home to complete a construction project, having to pay for a hotel room to accommodate your sleeping, eating, and living needs can really cut into your overall profit margins. Here is how to turn your work pickup into a reliable camper for all those construction jobs that aren't near your home.

Install a Bed Liner

One of the first things to do before heading out for a long work trip is to have a bed liner installed. A new liner will make the bed of your pickup more comfortable and ensure that you don't slip and slide around when sleeping.

A bed liner will also keep your belongings in place while you drive to and from the work site. You can choose a spray-on or drop-in bed liner depending on your specific needs and preferences. Because drop-in liners are form fitting, they can simply be dropped into the bed of your truck and then fastened in place with the help of large bolts.

Spray-on bed liners are typically more expensive than drop-in options, but they're more rugged and should hold up well to wear and tear without having to be replaced in the coming years. Spray-in liners also tend to be more eye appealing and offers optimal grip.

Invest in a Truck Cap

You'll also need to invest in a sturdy truck cap for the bed of your pickup so that you stay protected from the elements when resting or sleeping. The truck cap will provide you and your belongings with shade during the day and ensure that the wind and rain can't infiltrate your sleeping quarters at night.

When you aren't sleeping in your pickup, you can take the truck cap off for full access to the bed, or you can use the cap to reduce the wind resistance and drag rate of your truck while driving with equipment and materials. This will help improve gas mileage and minimize any damage that's done to wood or plastic equipment.

Incorporate a Toolbox

Installing a large toolbox with lockable bolts will not only make completing your work tasks easier and more convenient, but it will give you a safe place to store your personal belongings so they don't get lost or stolen. You can lock money, your watch and jewelry, personal clothing, and other items inside when you won't be near your truck.

When you aren't working away from home, you can fill your large toolbox with your more expensive tools, accessories and pieces of equipment so they're safe and readily available.

Pack Like You Mean It

In addition to installing a lockable toolbox to use for storage, buy a cooler designed for camping that is rated to stay cool for about a week between ice refills. This will give you a place to keep milk for cereal, sandwich ingredients, and other cold food items so you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner without having to go to the grocery store, dine out, or cook anything.

You should also install a small metal shelving unit that will fit inside of your truck cap. It can be used to store clothing, a computer, and toiletries while on the road for work, but can be packed with tools and equipment while you're working near home and don't need any truck space to live in.

Don't Forget a Cargo Rack

Installing a cargo rack on the exterior of the truck will create extra space to hold all of the tools and work equipment you will need to complete your tasks at the job site.

You can install a cargo rack on top of the hood of your truck or truck cap, or you can opt for a truck ladder rack that attaches to the side of your vehicle. Either option will give you the room you need to not only store ladders but to keep things like pipes, sanders and water coolers safe too.

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