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When you drive a work truck in warm weather, especially at night, you know that your hood, grill and windshield will eventually be bombarded by bugs. Not only does this give your truck a disgusting coat of bug guts, but there are three reasons why bugs are hazardous to your vehicle's paint and body.

1. Large Bugs Chip the Paint

Some bugs that fly around at night are huge. If you drive through a swarm of large beetles, for example, you may hear a crunching noise as they strike the hood and windshield of your truck.

Depending on how hard they hit, the bugs can actually chip away small pieces of your truck's paint. While a few impact points here and there may not seem like a big deal, the constant bombardment of beetles on your truck can eventually result in bare spots. 

Unless you can completely change your route, you may not be able to keep the bugs from striking your truck's body. However, if you were to have a bug shield installed on the front of your truck, you can greatly reduce the impact of bugs against your truck.

2. Bug Guts Eat Away Body Paint

Whether or not the bugs are large enough to chip away your work truck's paint, most of them will leave a smear of guts all over the body of your truck. These remnants of the bugs could prove detrimental to both your paint and body.

As the bug guts dry, they harden and make it difficult for you to remove without removing top layers of the paint. The enzymes contained within the bug juice also starts eating away at the paint, eventually working their way down to the bare metal.

The only thing you can do on a daily basis to keep the guts from eating away at your paint is to spray off your truck with cleaner and pressurized water each time you are done driving. However, you may not have the time in your busy schedule to constantly wash your car. 

Instead of being a slave to a pressure washer and soap, you could save yourself a lot of time and mess by having a professional install a bug shield on the front of your truck. When a shield is in place, you only need to wipe it off with a damp cloth instead of having to clean your entire vehicle several times a day.

3. Bare Spots Become Susceptible to Rust

Bug guts can also affect your work truck's paint and body through a combination of chipped and eaten paint. When the paint is damaged, bare spots show through from the underlying metal. When the paint is no longer protecting the metal, it comes into contact with rain, snow and ice. This constant exposure leads to oxidation that creates rust spots in the metal.

While you may be able to lightly sand away surface rust and cover the bare spots with filler paint, these actions typically do not remove all of the corroded metal. Even if you fill the spots, the rust will eventually eat through the metal.

As the corrosion spreads, holes will form in your truck's body. If holes form, no amount of paint will cover them. You would have to have extensive work done to repair the damage.

If you are tired of having bug guts splattered all over your work truck's hood and want to protect your vehicle, contact M & M, Inc. We can fit your truck with a bug shield that can protect the paint and body from pesky bugs while you're out on the road.